May 5, 2020

Are you from Sharon, Connecticut? 

No, I actually live in a quaint historical place called Falls Village. When I graduated from nursing school, I answered an ad for a nurse at the hospital here in Sharon and was thrilled when they hired me. I moved to Falls Village, onl...

September 4, 2018

How did you become a writer?

I started telling stories at a very young age, and was always an avid reader. My first short story was written when I was in grade two about a family of snow bunnies that came to life. This quickly evolved into writing journals full of thoug...

March 20, 2018

What books/authors have influenced you and why? I’ve always been drawn in by slight fantasy and science fiction. Not over the top alien sci-fi, that’s great for some but subtle fantasy within a character driven storyline really piques my interest! As a child I loved re...

February 27, 2018

 How do you develop your plot and characters?

The way in which Only Simply Love evolved was extremely organic in that there was no outline or agenda. The story and characters took on a life of their own and I negotiated and tweaked nuances based on what felt inspired. I...

January 30, 2018

1. What books/authors have influenced you and why?

The first book I borrowed from the library, when I was six, felt like the best gift I had ever received. It was about ducks. I was hooked.

My daughter’s babysitter gifted me with a romance novel in the late 1990s, The Vo...

January 23, 2018

How do you develop your plot and characters?

The plot most often starts with a Patty having a crazy dream, and then she calls me to sort through whether it is a good book idea or not. Then we have a very long phone call where we rough out the basic plot leaving ourselve...

January 16, 2018

How do you develop your plot and characters?

My stories tend to be about life’s unexpected detours and characters who need to find the strength to recalculate their journeys and grow from disappointment. Life is messy; although we are surrounded by filtered images that...

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Some Metamorphosis Literary Agency 2019 Highlights

August 30, 2019

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