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Linda González interview

1) What did you have for dinner? Did you go out or eat in? Alone or in company?

I had enchiladas con arroz y frijoles—my favorite! My grandparents have a Mexican restaurant, and Mom works the night shift, so that’s where I eat every night.

But I’m not complaining, you know? I really love Mexican food! And my grandparents! And Mom…

Gosh, I wish I didn’t have to move. I still don’t know how I’m gonna have the guts to say goodbye to them in a month…

2) Are you married? In a serious relationship? Leaving your options open?

I have a boyfriend.

No, not just a boyfriend…the best boyfriend in the whole wide world!

And I’m not even kidding! His name is Alec Brock, you might have heard of him...he’s a teen pop star! We met online a year ago, and after all these months dating long-distance, we’re finally gonna meet in person next month!

3) Do you own a house? Move around? Crash on couches?

I’m only 16, so I live with my mom in West Virginia. But not for long...I’m about to move to California!

My dad has just been relocated from San Francisco to LA, and since my boyfriend Alec also lives there, I asked Dad to move in with him and his new family—so Alec and I can finally be together.

I’m leaving in a month, but I’m not telling Alec anything until I get there. I want to surprise him as a fan, at one of his concerts. Great plan, right? It will be the most unforgettable night of our lives! I can’t wait!

4) What's your biggest secret? What's the biggest secret you've kept for others?

Well, technically, my parents don’t know why I’m moving to LA.

I know, I know... I should have told them the truth.

But they have no idea that I’m dating someone (I wasn’t even allowed to date in high school), and I was afraid that if I told them about Alec, they wouldn’t let me go.

I’ll tell them when I get there... When I can at least introduce Alec to Dad in person.

5) Who's your best friend? How did you meet? Memory that makes you laugh?

There are just too many memories to choose from...Nina and I are inseparable since kindergarten!

Well, were inseparable, I guess... We’re both really sad that we won’t get to spend our last year of high school together. But at least she understands why I have to do this—how hopelessly in love I am with Alec.

She’s the only one who knows about him. The only person I really trust with my secrets.

6) Do you have a bad habit? How long have you tried to break it...or not?

Texting! I’m on the phone with Alec 24/7, so I’m only half present in real life situations. But to be honest, I’m not even sorry! I really can’t wait to finally meet him next month!

My Alec. My boyfriend. My love, Alec Brock.

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