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Why I Loved My Internship

Being an intern wasn't what I thought it would be. But when you think about it, how can we ever guess in advance about what we'll learn and how we'll grow?

For my internship with Metamorphosis, I got to do several different projects, all of which helped me learn either about establishing and maintaining an online presence or about the behind-the-scenes work of a literary agency.

My first task was to create graphics for all Metamorphosis authors. I didn't know what a graphic was, but learned how to use Canva to superimpose words over photos. (You can see the one I made of myself above.)

From that assignment, I had the idea to start a #100MetamorphosisAuthors in #100days campaign. Since the internship would last only ten weeks and since remembering to post every day feels daunting, I was worried about this idea. Enter Tweetdeck and Facebook's Post Scheduler. With these tools that I hadn't known existed, I could create and time posts for later release.

As I was reading about the Metamorphosis authors (who have some amazing stories, I highly recommend clicking their photos on the website to read their bios), I have to admit that I found some grammatical and spelling errors. (I'm an English teacher; I find errors wherever I go.) Once the agency leadership realized that I could proofread, they had me proofread their other pages, including blog posts and author interviews.

Since the MFA class I'm taking that lead me to this internship in the first place is all about copy and content writing, I have been learning how to make websites more readable and navigable. I was proud to be able to give some useful suggestions to the agency about how to update the site for both appeal and ease of use. I think the new format of the Submissions page, for example, will help authors find the best agents for them.

Additionally, I have been enjoying my other job as an intern. I get to help read and comment on author queries. (Unpublished authors, DON'T WORRY -- I am not the person making any decisions about your work. Actual agents with experience make all decisions.) I've been amazed by the range and quality of unpublished books out there. People really do think of amazing things. I've felt honored to get to see some of the books people have crafted and to read the comments of the experienced agents. I hope that someday my books get as fair and thoughtful consideration as these authors' works do.

As my internship is coming to an end, I feel lucky to have had the experience, one I recommend to people thinking about any career that involves trying to get words to people. I learned so much and had fun at every step. Have you ever had a job that turned out better than you expected? If so, please write a note in the comments.

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