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Author Interview with Kara Cargill

Kara Cargill is a stay at home mom of two who always provide her with inspiration for her books. When she’s not immersed in the world of fiction she can be found playing with her kids, learning to build fires and cook in Dutch Ovens with her husband, or hanging out with friends. She’s an active member of her church and leans on her faith during hard times. Kara lives in a small town in South Carolina with her husband, two children, and their pets.

How did you become a writer?

I started writing fan fiction when I was in high school. My first original story came to me after my son and I were playing together, using his imagination saying it was broken and he didn’t have an imagination. I wanted to prove to him that he did. I researched the topic for about a year before I began writing.

What inspires you to write?

My children. I want to prove to my kids that you can do anything at any point in your life. You can reach all your goals and accomplish anything you put your mind to.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

I’ve based most of my books on my children.

Could you share some of your challenges as a writer?

Raising two children, I never seem to have enough time to write. I experience writer’s block a lot where I just can’t seem to get a sentence out. Sometimes I have a fear that I won’t be able to portray my thoughts clearly.

Tell me about your protagonist. What's your favorite trait and/or weakness?

My favorite trait is that my protagonist is caring and friendly.

How does your antagonist create conflict?

She is always losing things and can’t seem to keep anything in order.

What are your current/future projects?

In the future, I’d like to continue writing humor picture books. And expand to writing middle grade novels.

Do you have a routine you follow when writing?

Not really, I just write what comes to me. I’m more of a punster than a plotter.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be?

Try harder, and never give up.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

You don’t have to write every day to be a writer, just write what you can when you can.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you?

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