Interview with Emily Baron Cadloff

What inspires you to write?

I tell a lot of stories. My friends will tell you - I’m a talker. It’s not that I’m inspired to write. It’s that I have an active imagination, and if I didn’t write some of this stuff down, no one would ever get a word in edgewise.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

I like to let things marinate for a long time before committing. I’ll think about plot points or specific scenes for a while, testing out different aspects in my head. Once I have a direction I really like, I’ll write it out and go from there. That way, one aspect of the story is already formed in my mind, and it influences the direction I’ll take.

I also like to make mood boards or playlists for characters, to help that character have a specific and unique voice.

Could you share some of your challenges as a writer?

Like a lot of writers, I find motivation fleeting. Some days, the story flows, and other days I can barely drag myself to my computer. I like to take walks with my dog to clear my head; getting outside for a few minutes can really help to recharge me.

Do you have a routine you follow when writing?

Not really, which I’m not sure is a good thing! I generally like to take care of outlining and plot details in the morning, and write at night when I can let my mind wander and drift into all sorts of fun scenarios. But I don’t set time limits for myself, and I don’t beat myself up if I don’t write that day.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be?

Be proud of your work, even if you’re the only person who reads it. And keep a file of ideas that don’t write work in the moment. They’ll come in handy for future projects.

What are your current/future projects?

Right now I’m working on a YA ensemble rom-com that takes place over a summer at an historical re-enactment village. It’s a little bit Booksmart and a little bit The Baby Sitters Club and a lot of fun.

I’m also working on a graphic novel looking at the lives of the Radium Girls. It’s got a fantasy element, but all based on true events.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you?

@EmilyBat on Twitter or email

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