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Stephanie Hansen - Owner, Senior Agent, and Subsidiary Rights Manager

Stephanie represents authors with their debut novels and New York Times-bestsellers and has brokered deals with small presses and major publishing houses. She holds a master’s degree with a Creative Writing Specialization. She predominantly represents YA SF/F but has a secret addiction for romance. While these are her favorite, she handles everything fiction from children's books to adult thrillers. Previously an editor for Mind’s Eye Literary Magazine, she joined Metamorphosis July 2016. Originally looking to help Midwest authors in "flyover states" to garner the attention of major publishing houses, she found camaraderie with multiple agents and editors. Stephanie is unilaterally deaf with 90 dB tinnitus. She's dedicated to elevating voices that often go unheard. She's seeking: Romantic comedies, YA & Adult, and YA contemporary with unexpected antagonists. She is intrigued by prose that flows as smoothly as poetry, unforgettable plot twists, and well-rounded characters.

Query: https://querymanager.com/query/Query_Metamorphosis

E-Mail: info (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Amy Brewer - Senior Agent

Amy Brewer wears many hats everyday, from literary agent at Metamorphosis, to co-author of the Texting Prince Charming series, to social media manager, to yoga teacher. She graduated from Culver-Stockton College with a theater degree because drama, romance, and angst are lifelong passions. Her intuitive human understanding can help other writers bridge the communication gap and jump into the publishing world. For the last few years, she has been learning all she can about social media optimization and platform building in the publishing industry. Amy's experience in the mental health field and yoga training help her guide and assist clients with stress and anxiety in this highly competitive industry. She pulls all of this together with a multi-tasking, hyper-organized brain, so that at the end of every day, she feels accomplished and grateful. She’s seeking: Romances of all kinds; if your plot revolves around love or angst or both, send it to her. She is also looking for general fiction, LGBTQ+, women’s fiction, book club reads, and quirky humor. 


abrewer (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Patty Carothers - Senior Agent

Patty Carothers has been in love with stories for as long as she can remember. She is a certified copy editor and an Oxford comma fangirl. Her adoration of all things comic book related and YA has morphed into her co-writing the Texting Prince Charming series. Engaging and realistic characters who bounce off the pages through witty and thought-provoking dialogue thrill her, but most days, the real question lies with a simple: Is she team Marvel or team D.C.?  During her internship at Metamorphosis, she has utilized her passion for being a wordsmith and grammar guru to help writers develop their writing skills and harness their distinctive inner voices.

pcarothers (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Erica Christensen - Senior Agent

Erica Christensen has been in the publishing industry since 2014, holding various positions. She was born and raised in the Heartland of America and now resides near the beautiful Emerald Coast with her family of five and her sassy, spunky lab-pit mix named Kali. She is seeking: Parenting Non-Fiction in the following topics: Humorous parenting, Diverse parenting, Parenting with Mental illness (Bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.), Parenting transgender teens, Parenting children with disabilities. Spiritual Self-Development/Spiritual Growth Non-Fiction from Transpersonal Therapists and other experts. Free-verse Poetry collections from diverse/marginalized authors. Modern, Free-verse Poetry collections with a strong feminist edge to it. Inclusive manuscripts from #OwnVoices authors are welcomed and strongly encouraged! Erica is not a fit for Historical Romances or Historical Fiction, Fantasy, or Science Fiction. 


echristensen (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com


Jessica Reino - Senior Agent

Working for many years as a freelance substantive editor and being a multi-genre author herself, it is no surprise that Jessica has a wide variety of tastes when it comes to storytelling. She's a member of SCBWI New England, The Women’s Fiction Writers Association where she was a Webinar Program Leader, and The Editorial Freelancers Association. She has also been a contributor for The Children’s Writer’s Guild Online Magazine as well as a reviewer for Story Monsters Ink. She has experience as an author coach and freelance editor with Pandamoon Publishing. She also runs a monthly Twitter chat #thewriterszen. Whether the story is tackling tough topics, or serves solely to entertain, Jessica is looking for manuscripts that are well-written with a strong voice in order to make that emotional connection. Jessica is seeking MG, YA, Adult and nonfiction projects.


jreino (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Katie Salvo - Senior Agent

A traditionally published novelist, certified copy editor, and avid reader with eclectic genre interests, Katie Salvo loves nothing more than to see authors succeed in introducing new ideas and fresh voices to the publishing industry. With a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Katie has a background in literary criticism, philosophy, political theory, and history. She is particularly interested in representing women’s fiction, romance, young adult, LGBTQ+,  narrative nonfiction, and historical biography.

Query: https://querymanager.com/query/KatieSalvo

ksalvo (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Jana Hanson - Agent

Jana Hanson has been a book geek since the age of three, when she memorized her favorite ABC book but still made her mother read it every night. She became a freelance editor in 2006 and worked with several electronic publishers, most notably Loose Id, LLC, until late 2017. She has been an intern with Creative Media Agency, The Bent Agency, and Metamorphosis Literary Agency. She is seeking: romance (any pairing, any subgenre), YA, middle grade, historical fiction, cozy mysteries, women's fiction, suspense, and thrillers. 

Query: https://querymanager.com/query/agentjana18

jhanson (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Lauren Miller - Junior Agent

Lauren has a lifelong love of literature, and is known for being lost in the stacks of her local library for hours at a time. She loves an atmospheric, transporting read featuring memorable settings and characters, humor, and prose that sparkles. A graduate of University College at Washington University in St. Louis, Lauren holds a degree in Anthropology and is deeply interested in ideas, people, and communicating faith-based values through fiction. Lauren has been a contributing book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society since 2012, and she enjoys inspirational period romances and costume dramas. Previously a managing editor of The Scribe and a board member of the St. Louis Writers Guild, Lauren joined the Metamorphosis team in April 2019. She resides in Missouri with her husband and their wily cat, but can frequently be found surrounded by other people's dogs. She's seeking: YA and MG-centric fiction, picture books, and for adult audiences, low fantasy, clean romances (especially historical and inspirational), and lighthearted women's fiction.


lmiller (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Kristina Slater - Junior Agent

Kristina Slater has known she wanted to write since she was six years old and wrote her first fairy tale. A voracious reader, she likes to disappear into other worlds. She is the youngest of 10 siblings, having nine older brothers. Kristina has an Animal Science degree from Kansas State University and is currently residing in Omaha, Nebraska. A fangirl at heart, she is looking for her next world to get lost in. She is seeking: Fantasy (Adult/YA), Horror, Sci-fi (Adult/YA), Historical Fiction, and STEM Children’s Picture Books.


kslater (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com


Shanna Furey - Junior Agent

It was uncommon growing up to find Shanna without her nose in a book. An avid reader from a young age, she began to get lost in the lives of historical figures long gone, which aided her love of history and pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in History at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Shanna currently lives in Colorado with her husband and their two very cuddly cats. When she is not reading Shanna enjoys baking, knitting, and doing DIY projects. She loves a good Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction read, but is also a sucker for anything Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comedic, or General Fiction.




sfurey (at) metamorphosisliteraryagency (dot) com

Mehwish Khan - Literary Intern

As with most writers, Mehwish’s love for stories developed at a young age, so it was only natural that she found herself studying English with a focus in Literature at the University of Central Florida. Although Mehwish is particularly fond of YA, Mysteries, and Fantasy, she enjoys reading any genre. She hopes to work in the publishing industry to help minority voices tell their stories.

Anushka Jha - Literary Intern

The question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” always prompted the same answer: “I want to tell stories!” since Anushka was merely seven years old, writing short stories about talking animals in the back of her notebook during class. Unsurprisingly, Anushka went on to pursue English Literature at Purdue University and is currently in her senior year; her writing dream still lives on as she is currently working on a yet-to-be-titled thriller novel. Anushka also possesses experience in journalism, writing articles for magazines, copywriting advertisements, and copyediting. Aside from writing creatively and professionally, another passion that Anushka has harbored since she’d caught hold of her very first Enid Blyton book, is reading; her time at Purdue has only consolidated her interest in literature, leading her to pursue publishing as her top career choice, alongside writing. Anushka is deeply interested in mysteries (specifically, Nordic Noir, psychological thrillers, and gothic mysteries), detective and crime fiction, YA, and romance. Hailing from Mumbai, India, Anushka aims to amplify voices of authors of color in her future publishing career.


Anna Hotard - Literary Intern

Anna received a BA in English and Communication Studies with a minor in Anthropology from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MA in Humanities with a concentration in Literature from the University of Dallas.  While studying abroad, Anna was the Editor of The Globetrotter, a literary magazine at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in Den Haag, Netherlands. For the past few years, Anna’s work experience has been in Student Affairs at several universities both in the United States and abroad.  She spent one year working in Rome, Italy with opportunities to lead literary tours and site lectures through various cities in Italy and Greece. While there, her travels also brought her to more than 40 countries.  As an avid reader and book collector, Anna enjoys volunteering her time at literary festivals across the United States. Anna is excited about starting her literary career with the help of Metamorphosis Literary Agency. 

Jena Keahon - Literary Intern

Jena Keahon realized just how much she loves reading when her second grade teacher would read aloud stories by Roald Dahl. Born and raised in NY, she went on to graduate from New York University with a bachelor's in English. Jena has always been drawn to dark comedy, dystopian fiction, satire, surrealism and psychological thrillers. She also enjoys coming-of-age novels, especially ones featuring women and LGBTQ+ characters.

Marissa Howard - Literary Intern

Marissa Howard has held positions in the news arena as a reporter and most recently ran the Media Relations department for a 5,000-employee military base in North Dakota. Through any position she’s held, Marissa always somehow finds a way back to her loves—breakfast for dinner, travel, and YA fiction! When she’s not writing a YA novel herself or reading through manuscripts to help other passionate authors achieve their dreams, she’s traveling—36 countries and counting! Marissa lives with her Air Force husband & two Yorkies in Germany, but the place she grew up, Colorado Springs, will always have a piece of her heart. Marissa’s true love is YA, but she’s a sucker for anything with gorgeous writing, plot twists that leave her on the edge of her seat, and fabulous, unpredictable endings.

Brittany Smith - Literary Intern

For as long as she can remember, Brittany has had a book in hand and story ideas whirling in her mind. A voracious reader and lover of ice cream, she often dreams of owning a personal library to rival Belle’s. A former mental health counselor, Brittany is currently working on a nonfiction book and preparing to launch her blog Real Life Real Well. “A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading  out into the expanding universe.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

Rachel Saula - Literary Intern

Forever struggling with numbers in her elementary school math classes, Rachel knew from a young age that words were her strong suit. As an English major at the University of Pittsburgh with a focus in Fiction Writing, Rachel hopes to work in publishing, to widen the world of literature, and to partake in the development of aspiring authors. She has an affinity for YA and Children’s Literature, and believes in the importance of providing meaningful books to younger audiences. 

Myra Wards - Literary Intern

Myra Wards is a busy homeschooling mom who lives with her husband, two kids, and four dogs north of Nashville, TN.  When she isn't playing chauffeur for her kids, she is studying for a degree in Cyber Security and writing three novels. Reading is her guilty pleasure, and she is a sucker for a steamy romance with the perfect HEA.

Samantha Joslin - Literary Intern

Samantha is a nineteen-year-old sophomore at Johnson County Community College. She has always loved art, from reading and writing to visual arts and photography. She started her own photography business a couple of years ago and also works as the Editor-in-Chief of her college’s newspaper. Her lifelong adoration of literature has led her to pursue a degree in English with plans to eventually teach or work in a publishing company — and, of course, to publish a few books of her own. 

Cassie Colbert - Literary Intern

Cassie Colbert has enjoyed reading for as long as she can remember. Her love of great novels stems from back when she was eight years old and her grandparents bought her the first four books in the Harry Potter series, and it’s only gotten more intense since. She has been born and raised in the Heartland, residing in Omaha, Nebraska where she enjoys reading, and doing anything outdoorsy. Her favorite thing in the world is being an auntie to her nieces and nephews, Aubriella, Alexa, Kinsleigh, Mason and Grayson. Her second favorite thing (a very close second) is boy bands. She enjoys reading Young Adult, Romance of any kind, Fantasy and Science Fiction. While those are her preferences, she enjoys reading almost any genre.

Haley Casey - Literary Intern

Haley has always had a special place in her heart for stories, but it
was when she wrote her first chapter book in fifth grade that her true
love of literature was realized. In 2015, she graduated from The
University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and
that fall, she attended the Denver Publishing Institute. She began her
career at Ogden Publications, where she worked for four years as an
editor, and now she’s focusing her career on book publishing. Haley
devours YA, fantasy, and #OwnVoices fiction, but romance is her guilty

Debbie Ellis - Literary Intern

With a love for literature, and a book in each hand, Debbie wrote her first fanfiction in high school in 2006 and distributed her self-printed copies among her close group of friends. Just seeing their faces light up at her badly written work was more than enough to start that little flame inside. 


After spending nearly a decade working in the Hospitality industry, she realized that her true passion was actually in writing and learning more about the publishing industry. She joined Wattpad shortly after and has been an Engagement and Outreach Ambassador from early 2019.


It has recently been my pleasure to do some business with Stephanie Hansen and the Metamorphosis Literary Agency. Working with them, I found that they were extremely courteous and professional.  I will definitely come back to them whenever I can.

-Michele Wallerstein, former Hollywood literary agent now writer's consultant

Stephanie Hansen of Metamorphosis Literary Agency is the agent you’ve always wished you had. She's knowledgeable about even the hardest edges and darkest corners of today’s literary scene, yet enthusiastic, sensitive, and responsive, to guide you to the best you can be and help you get the best deals you can. She will help you emerge from the cocoon of wishing and hoping and working hard, to find your wings in the bright new world of fiction.

—Carol Cartaino, founder and former editor-in chief of Writer’s Digest Books, trade book editor for Prentice-Hall, Inc., collaborator for bestselling authors, and full-time freelance book doctor

I was particularly encouraged by your presence at Masterclass representing your firm, Metamorphosis. The agency's slogan, "diamonds in the rough" is appealing to me, as I dedicate my life to developing my students' talents. I respect your work as editor and agent to help others attain their goals.

-Lori Younker, President of the Columbia Writers Guild and author/editor of WorldSoBright.org

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