Metamorphosis Literary Agency Submissions


Include a query letter (state genre and word count), author bio, the first ten pages or three chapters (based on Query Manager settings), and synopsis within the body of the QM form. Please query only unpublished projects. Response time is 6 months. If we do not respond within that time, unfortunately, that means we have passed and are not currently interested in the work. We cannot accept submissions that do not follow these guidelines.


Please use the agents' individual links to submit what they're looking for.

Katie Salvo: (Closed to general queries until October 1, 2021)


  • Women's Fiction

  • Romance

  • Middle Grade

  • Young Adult

  • LGBTQ+

  • Historical Biography

  • No Fantasy or Science Fiction


Kristina Slater: (Closed to queries Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, & Nov. Open to queries Feb, April, June, Aug, & Oct.)


  • Fantasy (MG/YA/Adult)

  • Horror

  • Paranormal Romance


Jessica Reino: (Closed to general queries as of August 1, 2021)


  • Adult, she is particularly on the lookout for psychological/legal thrillers, mystery and suspense, women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and fantasy.

  • YA, she is looking for contemporary romance, horror, science fiction and fantasy with strong world-building and action to drive the story, magical realism and paranormal.

  • MG, she is open to any and all stories that are character-driven with heart and she is also on the lookout for MG horror.

  • Nonfiction, Jessica is interested in pop culture, health, sports, parenting, and humor books.


Erica Christensen: (October 2021, and then 2022-onward January, March, June, and October. )


  • Children's Books: 
    - Picture Books that cover difficult topics in a gentle, child-friendly way.

       - Middle Grade books that cover difficult topics in a gentle, child-friendly way.


  • Romance in the following subgenres:

       - Contemporary (anywhere from sweet/wholesome to sizzling)

       - Suspense/Thriller (the romance should not come second to the suspense and vice versa the romance and suspense/thriller elements should be balanced throughout the manuscript)

       Inclusive manuscripts from #OwnVoices authors are welcomed and strongly encouraged! Erica is not a fit for Historical Romances or Historical Fiction, Fantasy, or Science Fiction.


Jana Hanson(Closed to queries April 1st - September 15th)


  • Romance

  • Middle Grade

  • Young Adult

  • Cozy Mysteries

  • Women's Fiction


Amy Brewer: (closed to queries after June 2021)


  • Romances of all kinds

  • General fiction

  • LGBTQ+

  • Women’s fiction

  • Book club reads

  • Quirky humor


Stephanie Hansen: (closed to general queries at this time)


  • Thrillers (YA & Adult)

  • YA contemporary with unexpected antagonists

  • Prose that flows as smoothly as poetry

  • Unforgettable plot twists

  • Well-rounded characters 

  • Non-fiction with heart