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Metamorphosis Literary Agency Submissions

GENERAL GUIDELINES: view more about the Metamorphosis Literary Agency here

Please follow submission guidelines on the QM form. Please query only unpublished projects. Response time is 6 months. If we do not respond within that time, unfortunately, that means we have passed and are not currently interested in the work. We cannot accept submissions that do not follow these guidelines.


Please use the agents' individual links (names = hyperlinks below) to submit what they're looking for.

Caroline Trussell: (Open to queries February, April 1-15, May, August, September and November)


  • Thrillers (especially psychological thrillers)

  • Romance (rom-coms, romantasy, enemies to lovers) 

  • Women’s Fiction (especially focusing on sister dynamics/sisterhood)

  • Adult Fantasy (particularly magical realism and urban fantasy) 

  • Adult Horror (especially psychological, haunted houses)  

  • In any genre, stories that feature dynamic characters with non-visible disabilities and/or mental illness

Katie Salvo: (Closed to general queries)


  • Upbeat Women's Fiction

  • Romance

  • Children's Books

  • Middle Grade

  • Young Adult

  • LGBTQ+

  • Upbeat Literary Fiction

  • Historical Biography

  • No Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Dystopian, or Dark Fiction

Des Salazar: (Open to queries July and January)

  • Romance

  • Fantasy

  • Horror

  • LGBTQ+

  • Literary

  • Thriller

  • Mystery

  • New Adult

  • Science Fiction

  • Young Adult

Shania Soler: (Open to queries February)


  • Romance (all kinds)

  • High Fantasy

  • Low Fantasy

  • Romantasy

  • Book Club Reads

  • Historical Fiction

  • Quirky Humor

  • Gothic/Horror

  • Magical Realism

  • Dystopian

  • Mythology

  • Young and New Adult, and Middle Grade

Jessica Reino: (Closed to general queries)


  • Adult, she is particularly on the lookout for psychological/legal thrillers, mystery and suspense, women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and fantasy.

  • YA, she is looking for contemporary romance, horror, science fiction and fantasy with strong world-building and action to drive the story, magical realism and paranormal.

  • MG, she is open to any and all stories that are character-driven with heart and she is also on the lookout for MG horror.

  • Nonfiction, Jessica is interested in pop culture, health, sports, parenting, and humor books.


Erica Christensen: (Open to queries for subsidiary rights for established indie authors. CLOSED to trad authors.)


  • Romance

  • Thriller


Amy Brewer: (Closed to general queries)


  • Romances of all kinds

  • General fiction

  • LGBTQ+

  • Women’s fiction

  • Book club reads

  • Quirky humor


Stephanie Hansen: (Open to queries June)


  • Thrillers (YA & Adult)

  • YA contemporary with unexpected antagonists

  • Prose that flows as smoothly as poetry

  • Unforgettable plot twists

  • Well-rounded characters 

  • Non-fiction with heart

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