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Updates and Events

Metamorphosis Literary Agency had an exciting month. We have new authors. Take a look at the ABOUT section for more information. Upcoming events: March - Kansas City Writers Workshop, May - Missouri Writers Guild Conference, June - Gateway Con, September - Penned Con! More to come.

In the news (besides politics): Advances - if they're not extinct and you receive an advance, what do you do with it? Don't be confused. It's all yours but you won't receive further royalties until they've surpassed the advance amount. You've worked hard for a long time. Why not bask in the reward? What if, instead, you invested a portion of it back into your book. You could promote your book baby via public relations, travel to public events, or marketing.

Think of the possibilities. Be careful to investigate each investment. ROI (return on investment) is important. The increased exposure could benefit sales which in turn improves your career as a writer. At the end of the day, what are you looking for?

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