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Transforming Rejection Into Success

One of the life lessons we learn early on as writers is that rejection is a harsh and unforgiving companion. While we love our book as if it is an extension of our own being, there are many who would carelessly toss aside our work without remorse. Rejection is swift. Painful. Common. Yet, it does not have to be a permanent fixture on your journey from writer to published author. Instead, rejection can transform into success if you are open to looking at those perceived failures as opportunities. We have been taught that failure is unacceptable, unpalatable. That a failure in one area of our lives translate to us being a failure as a person. This is not only wrong but quite debilitating if we let it take root in our minds and hearts. Degrading our self-worth as an author and person will prevent ourselves from seizing the chances right in front of us. Instead of feeling the crushing weight of an agent’s rejection, take the moment to learn and grow as a person and an author. What can be changed to enhance your novel? Are there places where a re-write would push your story from ok to stellar? Could your story benefit from a critique group? Here is the chance to re-evaluate your novel. You may find that you simply need to seek out an agent and publisher who align singularly with your story and will fall madly in love with it. Perhaps you will realize there is room for growth in your writing and you take a couple of months to polish your gem before getting back out there with a new pitch. There will always be agents, editors, publishers, and readers who just won’t click with your creative vision. This will be disappointing but the disappointment does not have to define your career as an author. There are so many paths to follow, agencies to query, and people to network with. Taking each perceived rejection and building something stronger will bring you the success you dream of and know you can achieve. Rejection, and the accompanying feeling of failure, are temporary. Investing in your growth and abilities, looking confidently toward the future, and querying again are lasting.

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