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Interview with Jason Hunter (a character in Mark Scheel's AND EVE SAID YES)

Character Interview Questions for And Eve Said Yes

(Interviewee–novella central character Jason Hunter)

What did you have for dinner? Did you go out or eat in? Alone or in company?

I ate alone in my basement apartment after a grueling day at work at Seeble’s. Just fixed some pasta and canned vegetable soup. Had a stale donut for dessert, then watched TV.

Do you have a dog? Go to the dog park? Allow your pet to sleep in your bed?

No. But my landlady, Mrs. Rosenheim, has a cat, Moshe, which I’m on good terms with. Had quite a time calming him during the violent storm. The lights were off and we couldn’t find him for quite a while.

Are you married? In a serious relationship? Leaving your options open?

No, I’m single. But I can’t get the beautiful woman I met during the flood emergency out of my mind. And I’m obsessed with finding her again. She seemed almost angelic to me!

What's your biggest secret? What's the biggest secret you've kept for others?

I’m a pretty open guy, but I don’t often admit how deep the yearning for some spiritual connection really is with me. I talk a lot about religion and such, but I doubt many people know how really big, deep down, it is with me. That, and understanding “guilt.”

Who's your best friend? How did you meet? Memory that makes you laugh?

Well, I’m lucky to have several good friends, but one of the most treasured is Hank Buscham, the night watchman at Dynovista, located near where I live. That’s how we met. I enjoy making the rounds with him when the opportunity arises. Half the things he says makes me laugh, and the other half makes me ask questions.

What's your favorite movie? Why? Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Hmmm. I don’t go to the movies much as don’t have time. But I read endlessly. And I like heavy authors, like Hemingway and Orwell. I dig blues music too. But one book that’s always stuck with me is The Catcher in the Rye. It’s the perfect character voice.

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