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Author Natasha Simmons Interview

How did you become a writer? I became obsessed with reading at a young age and it’s a love that’s ever enduring. I grew up creating stories for my sisters and I to explore. These things came together when I started writing a fantasy series when I was fifteen. It was horrible, of course. But over the years I’ve branched out to other projects and I’d like to think I’ve improved. Still working on that series though, just for fun.

What are your current/future projects? Lately I’ve been interested in combining history, psychology, and fantasy. All of these elements are coming together in my current work in progress inspired by Mithradates, the poison King. Through it I explore just how much influence parents can have on the future of their children.

Could you share some of your challenges as a writer? My biggest challenge as a writer has been that haunting self doubt. All of the people closest to me have been amazingly supportive. But I’ve always worried that I would never be a good writer, which is terrifying because it’s what I love most. It’s something I’ve tried hard to work on over the years, because it’s held me back in so many ways. It’s a struggle many writers share though, so I think it’s vital to focus on the love of writing. The rest isn’t so important.

Tell me about your protagonist. What's your favorite trait and/or weakness? My story is written through three different perspectives. Each of my characters are the antagonists in the other perspectives, but the protagonists in their own. This is how they create conflict, which I think is how a lot of everyday conflict arises. They see themselves as the protagonist and everyone else as the antagonist, so they do what’s best for themselves without realizing it. They have trouble holding themselves accountable and they hurt a lot of people that way.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you? Readers can contact me through Twitter @natasha_writing, Instagram @natasha.writing, or email me at

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