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The Tractor Jig - Interview

What did you have for dinner? Did you go out, or eat in? Alone or in company?

Being a tractor, I usually eat whatever the farmer gives me. Oil. Diesel. Those are my staples. My favorite thing to eat is corn! Don’t tell the farmer, but sometimes, when he leaves me parked in the field overnight, I snatch a few ears of corn to snack on! Boy, that stuff is good. Melts in your mouth, I say!

Do you have a dog? Go to the dog park? Allow your pet to sleep in your bed?

Yes, we do have a dog! He belongs to the farmer though, not me personally. His name is Sparky and he has lots of jobs around the farm. Each morning, Sparky comes into the barn and barks a big hello. Then, he’s off to round up the sheep! Usually, Sparky sleeps in a little house of his own so he can keep watch over the farm. But, one night, the farmer forgot and left Sparky in the barn with me! That was the best night ever! We played hide-n-seek, made friends with a mouse, and learned how to dance a jig!

What’s your earliest memory?

I reckon my earliest memory is the day that I came to the farm. I got to ride on a train! The shop where I was made, told me that the farmer needed a tractor, so they loaded me onto a freight car and we chugged down the tracks. It took two days on the train before I got to meet the farmer. Right away, I knew I liked him. He inspected my tires, looked over my paint, and tested my engine. The farmer said that I was a mighty fine tractor! Then, we drove to the farm where I saw my new home for the very first time. Right in the middle of the farm stood a big red barn! I backed up into the barn, turned off my engine, and went right to sleep. It was a long day, but a good one.

Who is your best friend? How did you meet?

I have lots of friends on the farm. There’s always someone to talk to—the cats, the sheep, the rooster, the chickens, the cows, the pigs, and even a bullfrog! If the animals are busy, I play with Combine or Big Truck. My best friend, though, is Sparky. We do everything together. When the farmer needs me to plant the corn, Sparky runs right by the rows telling me where to go. When the farmer asks me to haul a wagon full of hay, Sparky rides along. When the farmer needs me to scoop snow, Sparky helps to keep me warm. I can always count on Sparky! We work hard, but have lots of fun, too!

What’s your favorite movie? Why? Who is your favorite actor/actress?

My favorite movie is Disney’s Cars! And, my favorite actor is Mater, Lightning McQueen’s best friend. Mater is SO funny! He likes to play jokes on the tractors and scares them when they are sleeping. I’m glad he lives on a different farm so he can’t scare me when I’m sleeping. I hope someday I’ll get to meet Mater. I bet he would love to come to the farm in the winter and go sledding down the big snow pile with me and my other friends. That would be super fun!

What’s your superpower? What do you wish your superpower could be?

That sure is a hard question! I guess I’d have to say that I wish I could read. The farmer is always looking in a book or writing notes in a little notebook about the weather or the number of loads we’ve delivered. When I have a broken part, the farmer looks in a huge book and it tells him just how to fix me. Other times, especially on long, hot summer days, the farmer and I sit under the big oak tree and he reads out loud. I especially love when the farmer reads about trains! If I knew how to read, I would read a book everyday--that would be my superpower.

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