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Interview with LINC (a character in Michael Hilton's BOBBY ROBOT)

What's your biggest secret? What's the biggest secret you've kept for others?

The Federation told me not to tell anyone, but I'll let you in on a little secret. You've probably already picked up on this, but have you noticed how I'm, like, superior to other bots in every way? Well, that's 'cause I'm the galaxy's first true artificially intelligent bot, baby! That's super secret classified information, so, uh, don't tell anyone or some Feds might show up at your door.

What's your earliest memory? Good/Bad? What would you change?

I used to live in my boy Bobby's cybernetic arm. I remember booting up for the first time. He was still a baby and was pretty dumb. I essentially taught him everything he knows. I wouldn't change anything. Except, you know, it would've been cool if we weren't enslaved by the bots on Sentinel.

Who's your best friend? How did you meet? Memory that makes you laugh?

Bobs for sure. That dumb little baby grew into a fine specimen of a young man. I'm so proud. I remember this one time when I still lived in his arm, he was trying to power me down. I don't like going to sleep. So I took over the motors in his arm and tried to run away. Only, I was still, you know, in his arm, so I dragged him all over the house. It was hilarious. But Mother got really mad. She had Bobby scrubbing the floor for days.

What's your favorite movie? Why? Who is your favorite actor/actress?

I exclusively watch educational documentaries on artificial intelligence. Because I'm sophisticated. Oh and if Bobs tells you I like Kortinean pop music reality shows, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM.

What's your superpower? or What do you wish your superpower was?

Bobs doesn't believe me, but my AI is so advanced I can levitate a few millimeters off the ground. I've actually been doing it the whole time you've interviewed me.

Do you have a bad habit? How long have you tried to break it...or not?

Absolutely not. As the most advanced life form in the galaxy, I'm not susceptible to bad habits inferior humans develop. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some trash TV--I mean, uh, documentaries to watch.

Learn more about Michael Hilton at Follow Michael on Instagram @5hourninja

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