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Interview with Fayre and Gregory from the Beautiful Beasts Saga

Are you married or in a serious relationship?

Fayre: Does being in love with a boy you've dreamt of for months count? If not, then I'm very single, miserably so. However, if we're not talking Eros kinda love, I might be in a committed relationship with my violin.

Gregory: I do not date. I cannot risk having pathetic human activities challenge my diligence in the O.R. Though I suppose that comes second to the fact I should not expose my 232-year-old soul stuck inside a 21-year-old body. The girl from my dreams who has my heart in her hands certainly does not count, given that I never manage to keep her alive.

Do you own a house? Move around? Crash on couches?

Fayre: Moving around implies I have actual things to move. I don't. I sleep wherever we manage to rent and haven't been blacklisted by any landlords yet.

Gregory: I own several homes as I am left with no other choice but to pack up and leave before anyone notices my unchanging face. I have quite a memorable face. Parents could use my photograph to threaten their kids at bedtime.

What's your biggest secret?

Fayre: I can hear a tree with a soul talk to me. I can pick up many things the human ear shouldn't be able to. I know, I know... technically, I don't hear it because it's in my mind, given my family's history of mental illness. But's there, and I can't ignore it.

Gregory: That my pathetic life is never-ending.

What's your earliest memory?

Fayre: I guess the traumatic ones I blocked out don't count since I can't remember them anymore. So it has to be of my Gran rocking her chair as she repeated star coordinates in a trans-like state one night while warning us that "he" is coming. Whoever this guy is, he is sure taking his sweet time because it's been over a decade, and Gran's still telling me the dude's coming.

Gregory: My father trying to beat words out of my mouth with his fist. But who can blame him? I was a late bloomer, and he was an impatient man.

Who's your best friend? How did you meet? Memory that makes you happy?

Fayre: Kevin. He's the most humble and hilarious person I know. We met at a playground as little kids and have been friends since. My favorite memory with him was when we played ding-dong-ditch one night and got chased by a grumpy old man with a shotgun. We hid underneath someone's truck for like two hours until he stopped searching for us.

Gregory: Samuel. He was a slave my father won in an auction. I used to save my dinners for him and snuck him inside the house when everyone was asleep. He would eat while I doctored his wounds. Call me sick for cherishing those nights, but not only was that when I decided I wanted to be a doctor someday, but Sam also made me realize I was not a worthless piece of trash. He is my only family.

What's your superpower?

Fayre: Does dying count? Since that seems to happen to me a lot. I guess I can kinda see the future, too, but I wouldn't call that a superpower. It's more like a curse.

Gregory: Any daft human would say that my superpower is my ability to Feed. They might even call me a hero after I healed them. What they do not know is the blissful high I get from feeding on their agony and how it is so addictive, I would inflict pain just for a little taste.


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