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It was about a year ago when I discovered Kim Hamilton on Twitter via #PitMad. Around the same time, I ran into Ed Protzel at a Book Fair in St. Louis. When he mentioned TouchPoint Press, I wondered if we'd made a possible match. I'm happy to announce the release of Kim's first book ACCIDENTAL LAWYER today. Be sure you grab a copy.

It's been a busy year. Below are a few approaching releases:

- Greg Gildersleeve's THE POWER CLUB releases 10/25/17.

- Miranda Nichol's IMMORTAL SLEEPERS | BLOOD AWAKENING releases 1/29/18

- Paul McGowan's DAWN OF THE REAPER releases Mar '18

- Laura M. Snider's WITCHES' QUARTERS releases Spring '18

- Karen Neary's DEATH IN DISGUISE releases 04/06/18 (Karen is part of a critique group with Kim. It is a small world indeed.)

- Michele McAvoy's THE GORILLA PICKED ME! releases Spring '18

- Jennifer Haskin's THE KEY OF F releases 5/1/18

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