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NYT Best Selling Author Interview

Q. What books/authors have influenced you and why?

The book that stands out most in my mind is To Nowhere and Back by Margaret J. Anderson. I read that book when I was 10 or 11 and it inspired me to start writing. I’ve always loved Jane Eyre too. I think Mr. Rochester started my love of the brooding male love interest.

Q. How do you develop your plot and characters?

I’m not what you would call a plotter or outliner, though I’d love to be able to do that. Before I start a book (or even a series) I know the main plot points (beginning, inciting event, crisis, climax and ending) and the major scenes. I’ll have pages and pages of notes to help me fill in the other scenes needed to create the whole story. As for characters, I don’t do worksheets or character sketches like some authors do. If I can see the character as a person and hear their voice, then I can write them. I keep all my character details in my head.

Q. Do you have a routine you follow when writing?

Not really. My days are all over the place and I don’t keep regular hours. I could start writing in the morning and finish at midnight. I find I’m most productive in the afternoon. That’s when I have my espresso, which might have something to do with it. I get some of my best ideas late at night, probably because there is less noise when the world is asleep.

Q. What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you? (website, blog, social media?)

The best way for readers to contact me is either through my website or my Facebook page. I have a fan group on Facebook too where I interact almost daily with readers.

Q. What does literary success look like to you?

To me, literary success means being able to write what I love and make a good living at it. I don’t follow trends or write to please anyone by me. I feel that when you start to do that, writing feels like a job instead of a passion. If I’m excited about what I’m writing, my readers can feel that in my work. As a writer, I can think of no better success.

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