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Social Media Platform Building 2

SEO, SMO, Platform, likes, clicks, winks, and links, the crazy world of building a social media platform. Cont...


Twitter is a different animal completely. If Facebook is the Midwest, Twitter is New York City. Twitter is about followers, likes, tweets, and retweets. If anything it will make you a better writer because it will get you to be able to narrow down your book premise into 240 characters.

A. Set up a profile and again use a picture of yourself. You still need to be human. You have 240 characters to sum up yourself and your writing, your book, your blog. Do it well. When looking at follow requests, a witty or relateable profile can help. If you want to build followers quickly write “will follow back” on your bio.

B. Find your favorite writer and follow all of their followers or as many as Twitter will let you follow that day. There is a ratio that Twitter sets to siphon out bots and limits the amount of people you can follow or unfollow per day. Start by following about 100 people a day and see how it goes after awhile you should be able to stop following people, and you will still get 20 or more followers per day.

C. Interact… everyday, just like Facebook. Like as much as you can stand to like and retweet at will. Retweet what is popular right now and what is trending in the news.

D. Tweet… everyday. The goal is to get likes, retweets, and for people to include you in their community so that when you throw your book or blog out there they will retweet it or like it. In the writing community we seem to like quotes from other writers best.

E. #thisiswhereTwittergetsfun. In every post you use # (hashtags) to draw attention to your post or to what you are posting about. There are no spaces and no punctuation in hashtags. Some popular writer #’s are #amwriting #amediting #authorconfession #WritersLife, and there are so many more. You can also make up whatever # you want or it can be your book title, #textingprincecharming.

F. Part of your interaction on Twitter can be with agents and even publishers via twitter pitches. At certain preset times, if you tag your post #YAtwitpitch18 it will get seen by agents taking pitches that day and if you can sum up your book well, they may reach out to you for more information. This can be challenging but fun. It is hard to sum up your book in 240 characters but you can get feedback from agents. They also have pre-pitch parties where you can get help creating a good pitch for agents in the following days or weeks.

G. Don’t take anything on Twitter personally. Find your community, block what offends you, and follow what you enjoy. In the great social media show twitter is the antagonizer. Don’t get sucked in, just block and move on, you have a book or blog to promote. People do not follow the rules of grammar on Twitter, don’t expect them to.

H. Don’t be afraid to unfollow. With Twitter, it is often referred to as mass unfollowing to unfollow many people at one time. Don’t worry about feelings, this isn’t Facebook. Make sure to unfollow all the people that unfollow you and go through every few weeks to check. Most people try to follow less people than are following them, so they look like they are in demand.

I will continue in my next installment with tips and tricks for Instagram. Until then, Keep tweeting!

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