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Demri Redmon Interview

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you?

Readers can follow me on Instagram or Twitter at @Demri_18. I’d love to connect with all of my readers!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Never give up! It took me five years of querying and shelving three projects until I found my incredible agent. I really wanted to give up a few times, but I refused to do so. I spent years reading and devouring the bestsellers in the genre I write in as well as attending writing workshops. I constantly asked fellow writing friends for feedback on queries, synopses, and manuscripts. I did anything I possibly could to continually improve my writing and find my voice. Once I felt confident (if that’s ever possible… curse imposter syndrome), I wrote from my heart and dove back into the querying trenches. With all that being said, never give up. Keep writing. Keep querying. Keep forging your own path and plowing forward until you meet your writing goals. You’ve got this!

What inspires you to write?

I have to write like we have to breathe. It’s my passion and my coping mechanism, but I write for my future readers too. As a fellow reader myself, a few books and series got me through terribly dark seasons. I hope that somewhere, someday, perhaps my book can help someone keep going too. I will keep writing just to help that one reader somewhere.

Could you share some of your challenges as a writer?

I am a chronic sufferer of imposter syndrome. I think we all are at some point. Some days, I feel like anything and everything I write will suck. If it’s extra bad, I let myself set the manuscript aside and practice self love. Other days, I force myself to write. Usually, the words start to flow out easily, and I feel better emotionally and mentally. The beautiful thing about writing is editing. So even if I write something that doesn’t work, I can go back and edit it until it works. I also get distracted easily. To avoid getting so distracted, I put my phone on silent, silence notifications on my tablet, and force myself to focus. I have also created a designated space to write in, so now my mind knows when I sit at my desk, it’s time to write. No excuse. Just write. Having a designated space with no distractions has helped a ton, and it even helps me combat imposter syndrome a bit, too!

How do you develop your plot and characters?

I develop everything with flash cards or very messy Word documents/notes. Whenever ideas bloom in my mind, I write them down. The flash cards help me organize my plot. Once I’m ready to outline, I set them on the floor, and I can move them all around until it flows perfectly. Whereas the messy Word documents of character descriptions, motives, and themes often get printed and taped around my desk, or I copy them onto flash cards too. The flash cards really help me see it from a bird’s eye view. Additionally, The Storyteller’s Workbook by Adrienne Young and Isabel Ibañez has really helped me flesh out plot and character development even more. I highly suggest checking it out if you haven’t already!

What are your current/future projects?

My current project is an Edgar Allan Poe retelling! I am currently writing the second book in the series while planning future gothic retelling books. I am also preparing an Ancient Egyptian mythology retelling, and an alternative history, fantasy book set in St. Augustine, FL. I am so excited to work on all of these books, and I hope you all get to read them one day!


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